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Samira Ishaq Tamimi

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PhD - Management

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PhD degree, Management
Diploma, Science and Mathematics
High School, the scientific section, 1967, Palestine


International player on an international level, in handball, basketball, and a reserve in badminton and table tennis .
International Sports Arbitration
Teaching of science and mathematics
Teaching and training in management
School Management
The organization of workshops
Painted oil paintings, embroidery, sewing, knitting, making dolls, wax, paint, burning wood, gypsum, copper, glass painting, silk, and singing with rhythm, acting
Cutting Hair
Management the summer camps
Arabic mother tongue


Work history: 
Prime vote Centre for municipal elections .
Science and Mathematics teacher, director of the eleven primary and secondary schools for 22 years
Arbitrator sports for ten years.
Responsible and honorable private Kindergarten
Honarary office and memberships: 
Member Management Halhul Women Charitable
Member of the Association of Housing Working Women
Member of the Association " Maedan Al Quds"
Member of the Palestinian Housing Association
Member organization of the region of Ramallah
Member of the Preparatory Committee for the municipal elections Ramallah Member supportive of the activities of Ramallah Municipality
Member of the General Union of Palestinian Teachers Administrative member of the Educational Centre for - teachers union
Member of the humanitarian support and the National Center for Medical Abu Raya
Youth Club member Ramallah Member of Al Noor the Palestinian Club
Administrative member of the Association of Palestinian Jubilee
Productions and works: 
"Continue the sweep" a description of the suffering of the teachers during the daily occupation and were published in two books, the first part and the second to the Palestinian Teacher Creativity Center
Book "problematic tolerance of diversity and difference in the culture of Palestinian society" for the Palestinian Teacher Creativity Center
Participated in the municipal council elections Ramallah 2012
Establish and keep up with build several public schools
Participates in various workshops and conferences and national solidarity and public celebrations .
Book "Jerusalem, City of Peace cradle of religions and civilizations"
Educational process / bright future generation of the Educational Center, for the Union of Palestinian Teachers
Handbook on the city of Hebron
Handbook on fighting the occupation
A study entitled: administrative hierarchy between yesterday and today
A study entitled: quality standards in the administration


Awards and Distinctions: 
Won first prize for a book Jerusalem, City of Peace cradle of religions and civilizations, from the Educational Center - Ministry of Education and Higher Education Palestinian
Honored of civil society institutions for her dedication to community service